Transferring Trouble – Problem Employees in the Workplace

We first heard this story from a fishing guide on the Snake River in western Wyoming, so we know it must be true. There was this bear somewhere in Wyoming. The bear was had a nasty disposition and had invaded some campsites and threatened visitors. To solve the problem, a

Progressive Discipline in the Workplace

“As managers, sometimes we have to rectify our own mistakes. As a manager friend of mine once said, “Nobody understands a mistake like the poor person that made it.” Good managers accept individual responsibility, communicate the news and then correct the problem and move on to the next objective. Sometimes

Weathering Natural Disasters

In many parts of the United States we experience extreme weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, violent thunderstorms, wildfires and blizzards. Often these natural disasters cause employers to close business operations for one or more days – usually without warning or preparation. It is our hope that, by highlighting several

How to Win an Unemployment Case

Why Unemployment Claims are so Frustrating Unemployment Compensation, now euphemistically renamed Reemployment Assistance in many places, is one of the most frustrating areas of management because the unemployment officer has more room for personal judgment than in almost any other employment arena and, in many cases, the official awards unemployment

Reclassifying from Independent Contractor to Employee

One of the key employment questions today is whether a person qualifies as an independent contractor or an employee. This has been a target issue by the Department of Labor for the last several years. Independent contractors do not receive overtime nor keep a time card. They pay their own

The Newest Protected Category – CROWN Discrimination

As the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the various state and local enforcement agencies continue to expand the definition of unlawful discrimination and add additional areas of prohibited employment discrimination, we are now seeing the emergence of CROWN, which is discrimination against race-based hairstyle. CROWN is an acronym which stands

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